"> Hotel** Port d’Àger-restaurant, tlf. 973292298. Allotjament, hotel rural, familiar a la vall d’Àger, serra del Montsec. Restaurant 60 persones. Habitacions amb vistes i acurada cuina casolana. Terrassa panoràmica, piscina, wi-fi, llar de foc. Hotel Port d’Àger coordina les activitats esportives, culturals i familiars que es desemvolupen al voltant de la vall d’Àger

Montsec ridge and Ager valley:


The hotel is located in Port Ager Montsec the mountains, in the region dela Walnut, on the Ager valley, oriented east-west valley between the rivers Noguera Noguera Ribagorzana Pallaresa and surrounded by forests and holm oak. In winter, the fog kept our feet, and the summer breeze will heat softens. At night the stars are almost caught with their hands, being the ideal place for astronomical observation. The peace of the environment invites us to practice leisure activities such as paragliding, climbing, caving, Kaiak, bicycle

Within the Montsec can visit the spectacular gorge and Montrebei Tarradets, where two nature reserves, with species such as otter and trencalòs.Al over these places we find evidence of ancient Roman buildings as collegiate St. Peter Ager, the Roman road, the Castle Wall, Santiago de Caspe, the Virgin Mary Stone and many small chapels which you carry to a glorious past of this valley. But we can visit prehistoric remains in the form of deposits, fossils or dinosaur footprints that dot the rocks and caves, and denote a distant history.

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